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Thanks so much for the work this week-end, I had great benefit!  I felt you were really connected to the body, mind, and energy....things clicked.  Jeff 

  Thank you for such a great massage. It was the first time I'd ever had one, and it was wonderful, and extremely therapeutic. I don't believe I would be feeling as well as I do now if I hadn't had it. You were extremely compassionate concerning my injuries...thank you.  Karen

I have to tell you that I still think about the massage I got from you all the time.  I had not been knot-free in so many years I can't tell you how many.  I've had deep tissue before and they help with knots, but they don't get rid of them and they usually result in my having sore muscles the next day which I didn't have with you).  Sheri

 Hello Joanne, just a note to say thanks again for the terrific massages you gave to myself and my friend Janice. We were both a tad sore on Friday but by Saturday we were as good as new.  Cindy


Thanks so much for caring Joanne. and by the way your massage was wonderful and I don’t know if that plus my diet change have caused an amazing bump up of my energy level. I feel much better!  Augustina

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